SSR-AGORA (Climate KIC Pathfinder Project, 2015)

Core focus of SSR-Agorà innovation idea consists in understanding if the scaling up of the Smart and Sustainable Offices-SSO approach to gastronomy facilities can be successful. SSO methodology is being developed by the flagship Climate KIC program “Building Technologies Accelerator-BTA which focuses on measurable CO2 reduction in the building technology market – including both refurbishment as well as new buildings, and it is specialized in the office building typology.


BTA-SSO pursues this objective integrating climate change mitigation, resource efficiency, and the well-being of occupants, optimizing the indoor environment. The SSR-AGORA proposes a similar approach but aims at expanding the market by exploring the gastronomy facility sector, specifically the restaurant/canteen typology, which has relevant socio-economic impacts in Europe as well as its different and specific user and market needs.

Progress & Outcomes: 

The project lead PROAMBIENTE, will lead a survey to be carried out in 3 countries reaching potential final users of the SSR system, i.e. restaurant owners, to understand their interest in such a service that refurbishes or designs the restaurant venues with an eye to the environment and one to the clients well-being. In Emilia-Romagna PROAMBIENTE has actively engaged with the business partner CAMST.


• Proambiente S.c.r.l., RIC Emilia-Romagna, project lead
• IVE, Istituto Valenciano de la Edificiacion, RIC Valencia
• Chalmers UNiversity, CLC Nordic


Claudio Carbone
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