Monitoring of aquatic environments

Proambiente deals with various ecological issues in marine, river and transitional environments with strong know-how acquired by its employees in years of research activities within the CNR and in industry.

Proambiente develops tools and applications to support environmental monitoring activities with the aim of prevention and immediate intervention (assessment, planning, processing of environmental risks), data acquisition and activities dedicated to the sustainable management of environmental resources.

In particular the data acquisition tools, customizable according to the different needs of the end-users, integrate the monitoring systems already available on the market and have a greater versatility and portability.

  • Continuous and real-time monitoring systems to investigate the state of the marine and lagoon ecosystem and integrated coastal monitoring systems connected to DSS models.
  • Innovative and high-tech systems and services for geophysical, geological and geochemical prospecting in inland waters such as lagoons and "low depth" submerged areas, for public and private purposes.
  • Low-cost systems for water and sediment chemical-physical parameters measurement, focused on local characterization of the seabed. These systems facilitate the environmental diagnostics and can be used into an integrated management strategy of marine areas of public and private utility.
  • Advanced marine environmental monitoring systems, customized on user needs (eg: environmental monitoring, fishing industry, tourism, etc.), able to integrate satellite information and GMES Marine Core Service forecasts, and produce available data for the end-user.
  • Products for the evaluation of coastal marine ecosystem status, satellite methods and algorithms for the identification of alert thresholds in environmental emergencies, data management systems dedicated to the exploitation of advanced satellite observational products in public service operations.
  • Modelling of natural conditions to provide support for the monitoring and environmental management of marine-coastal and transition areas.